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We are the origional innovator in regards to cummins 4.5L conversions!

These engine tick all the boxes for long range touring and heavy towing of caravans and boats!

Why should I convert rather then just buy a new car?

Picture this; you have for GU patrol with all the accessories you have aquired over the years, its everything you need and more, probably $50-60k woth of accessores, BUT, the pesky ZD30 worries you or has already popped. at this time you enter a cross road... You may find yourself asking 3 questions...

1) Do I repair this ZD30 at a cost off approx $14k for this to potentially happen again in a couple of years?
2) Do I upgrade to a new Landcrusier at $60-120k and spend another $50-60k decking it out to the extent of the current ZD30 patrol?
3) Do I spend $30-40k on converting the car you know and trust for an all round reliable package?

From conversations that we have on a daily basis, the majority are probably thinking the same as you, hence why you are reading this. option 3 - The repower!

The engine of choice is the cummins 4.5L common rail diesel, The perfect combination of size, efficiency and power.

4.5 Cummins Overview

Cummins 4.5lt Common Rail engines are the future of diesel conversions for four wheel drive vehicles.
These are not a 4BT these are a real Common Rail beast, neither are they just a B-series block bored out the 4.5 and 6.7 these are a complete redesign but having said that they do owe their basic design to the B-series. Like the B-series they are not a wet sleave this saves a lot on weight as the casting doesn’t need to be as heavy cooling is more efficient as well with excellent coolant gallery design through both the head and block.

The basic 4.5 are 183 HP and 650 nm standard (at the wheels) which is perfect for our 4×4 client base as they are for the most part into caravanning, boating and driving long distances, the possibilities of more grunt are enormous and these have the build to become bitumen shredding torque monsters with very little work.
The 4.5lt engine is a 4cyl 107mm bore 124mm stroke with a 16 valve head and central vertical injection turbo charged high pressure common rail engine with 17.3:1 compression ratio no glow plugs the main design is based on the modern 6.7 truck engine like found in the dodge rams.

So from the head down the design is the norm for modern medium diesels with 4 valves per cylinder and the injector mounted centrally and vertical, the old 4Bt & 6Bt used side injection and an off center piston bowl.

The 24 valve heads that these are a cut down version of are known for their excellent coolant flow and heat exchange capabilities throughout their power range owing to excellent coolant gallery design.

As the pistons, con-rods, crank and most internal parts are from the 6.7L with rated standard torque of 1100nm there is more than adequate inbuilt strength there and to keep it all together upto 400hp without modification.

The cam and aux drive is via a geared drive train at the rear of the engine this drives the Cam, fuel pump and accessory gear.
As the timing gears are sandwiched between the rear of the block and the front of the alloy adapter plate this reduces timing gear noise vastly compared to the old front gears of the B series that used a tin cover that acted like an acoustic amplifier.

Expected economy in your average nissan or toyota set up to tour the country is around 10L per 100kms or upto 14L per 100kms, obviously these figures vary depening on the indicidal setup but will be much better then late model V8 crusiers or standard engines like zd30, td42, 1hz etc.

We have custom software allowing us to completely tune the factory cummins ecu. We have over 12 months in development of this software alone and are the only ones outside of cummins that is able to make changes to fueling and max RPM (factory rpm is 2800rpm, cummins list 4250rpm as maximum, We generally set them to around 3200rpm but if you want one to go a bit harder we reccommend 3800rpm with a turbo upgrade.

Being the origional innovator of the cummins 4.5L into patrols and landcrusiers we have adapter plates ready to go to bolt these weapon engines upto standard patrol 5sp manual gear boxes, standard 4 soeed patrol automatic transmissions and also toyota h151 manual gearboxes.

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