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GQ / GU Patrol 2.0 or 2.5" smoothie remote res weld in front shock towers

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Weld in front towers for GU or GU patrols.

Suits 3" lift - 10" travel shocks.

Suitable for 2.0 or 2.5" sized shocks. with 1.5" eye mount width.

Made from 5mm mild steel, and supplied in a flat pack.

All segments interlock during construction.

Cutting and welding required for fitment.

The old shock section is removed and inner guard trimmed
The shock sizes mentioned is just a guide and every setup will be different.

2.5" shocks are 3" longer then the 2.0's in the same travel.

Ride height variation will also change your up and down travel ratios.

Its possible to run a longer shock if your mostly crawling or a shorter shock for higher speed events.

We strongly recommend installing the tower THEN purchasing shocks after working out what you can fit and what you plan on using the vehicle primarily for.

*pics show old style, updated picks will be shown shortly.