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Cummins adapter kit

GQ/GU Patrol 4.5L CUMMINS commonrail conversion kit

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4.5L Cummins Commonrail Conversion kit!

Kit includes:
Aluminium Adaptor plate with genuine rear main seal (19 bolts hold this to the engine for max strength!)
Billet flywheel
NPC HD clutch kit
Body harness plug and wiring diagram

This adaptor is to suit GU or GQ nissan patrols with the 5sp manual gearbox (TB42/TD42/TD45/ZD30 only) 
You will need to find:
TB42 Bellhousing (very easy to find which is why it was a great choice, $50-100 expect to pay)
RD28 Starter motor
Throttle pedal (available from us)

The 4.5L cummins is the future of engine conversions in Aus.
200hp - 750nm of torque as standard (before we spruce them up a little)
We have designed this kit to retain as much factory components as possible to make buying replacement parts easy.

Options include:
Plazmaman Front mount Intercooler ($450)
Stainless steel snorkel ($650)
Aluminium Air box ($650)
Aluminium high flow air box ($650)
Fan adaptor ($180)
Engine mounting kit ($380)
ECU tune ($1650)