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NPC 130 - 130ah super deep cycle

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This battery can be used as starting battery as it has a rating of 1000 cca- cold cranking amp. It can be used in a dual battery system

or caravan, camper trailer,boat or motor home.



1 x NPC130-12 130AMP 12V 
Features- BATTERY

130amp hour battery AGM
1000 CCA - Deep Cycle
Fast recharge
Fully sealed won't leak can be mounted on side
Heat resistant 
Run compressor fridge for up to 5 day +
2 year warranty 
Weight is 33.4kgs
H - 230mm, L - 330mm, W - 175mm


The battery is ONE AGM and completely sealed so it won’t leak acid or gases. It can be stored on its side while working. The battery can be put in a non ventilated area like in the back of a car or in a caravan etc. The battery can be charged by a 240v charger and can be charged in a car by the alternator.  It can also be charged by solar. The battery can charge in as little time as 2-3 hours.